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Julius Thomas: Lynchburg College Intern

Number of Years on Staff: First Year

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

College: Randolph College 2012

Major: Environmental Studies

Hobbies: basketball, listening to music, reading

Favorites: jazz music, basketball, poetry, chillin

Fun Fact: I used to tap dance

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Testimony: My junior year of college is when the Lord started working in my life.  Through the emergence of Campus Outreach at Randolph College, I saw God go from being last on my priority list to being the center of my life.  Campus Outreach enabled me to not only learn about my faith but has also helped me come out of my shell of being reclusive and begin to seek out relationships among my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Most of all, I have seen a transformation in my actions and my thoughts since hearing the gift of grace.  Being introduced to the gospel has allowed me to gain an inner confidence and a different perspective on what I live and work for.  In the end it’s all to and for the glory of God.  When you are living for God you can’t help but rejoice and thank Him for every moment he’s given you.