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Evan Harris: Lynchburg College Campus Director

Number of Years on Staff: 2

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

College: Virginia Tech 2010

Major: Biology

Hobbies: Fishing, soccer, hunting, running, reading

Favorites: good books, black coffee, sunrises over the ocean, summertime fishing trips

Fun Fact: I spent a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic my junior year of college

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Testimony: As a kid, I grew up going to church, but my heart was cold to the gospel.  Throughout middle and high school, I thought that being a good person meant you were a Christian.  Fast forwarding to my freshman year of college, I was pursuing satisfaction and joy in things of the world and my GPA.  I quickly learned that was not where satisfaction and joy were found.  During this year, I met a friend who started sharing the gospel with me.  I realized two things.  First, what I thought Christianity was and what the Bible says it is were two different things.  Second, I realized I didn’t have the relationship with God the Bible speaks of, but I wanted to have one.  In the middle of April of my freshman year, I gave my life to Christ.  God was faithful to start a work in me my freshman year and has continued that work to this day.