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Chip Cowsert: Virginia Tech Campus Director

Number of Years on Staff: 3

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

College: Virginia Tech 2009

Major: Political Science

Hobbies: Reading, playing sports, and rollin’ with my wife/homie, Katie

Favorites: Movie: Gladiator; Food: Chipotle burritos; Verse: Mark 10:29-30

Fun Fact: I was named VT Intramural Soccer Player of the Year in 2009

Favorite Links: Chick-fil-a President and COO, Dan Cathy’s Leadership toolkit

Testimony: All I wanted was to party my way through college, keep my grades up and get into an Ivy League law school.  I went to class, studied hard, and spent my free time drinking beers with my rugby teammates.  But by the end of my sophomore year, that plan had lost its luster.  I suddenly stopped caring about the very few (and very selfish) things I had been caring about.  But God had a plan for me.  Two young men knocked on my door and asked if they could tell me about Jesus.  They explained how all have sinned and fall short of the level of holiness needed to have peace with God.  They explained how God sent his own Son, Jesus, into the world to die a humiliating death on a cross.  In doing so, Jesus had absorbed the wrath of God towards whoever would believe in Him.  A few months later, I began reading through the New Testament and saw that same message celebrated on every page.  The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see how holy, just and merciful God is.  I believe God raised Jesus from the dead to validate those claims and now lives to know and enjoy the God responsible for this.


Katie Cowsert: Virginia Tech Campus Staff

Number of Years on Staff: 3

Hometown: Army Brat…

College: Virginia Tech 2009

Major: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise

Hobbies: running, drinking coffee, river floating, shopping at Hallmark

Favorites: Yellow; English Mastiffs; Mediterranean food

Fun Fact: I was on a champion bowling league in 6th grade.  We were called The Strikers. 

Favorite Links:,

Testimony: I grew up going to church, always believing in my head that God loved me and Jesus died for my sins.  Only problem was that I didn’t really believe the weight of my own sin and that I was deserving of punishment for them, so I wasn’t super excited or joyful over the gospel like I observed in many others.  When I got to college, the Lord began to use his people to help me see and understand the severity of my sin.  I fell in love with the message of the gospel during college and learned how to have a daily relationship with the Lord and tell others about this gospel that changed my life.